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Desiderius Erasmus
From concept to reality

Custom made

We offer a wide range of products based on our own in-house specifications, in addition to bespoke products tailored according to our customers expectation.

Our in-house team of professionals will help work through the process from concept to reality, ensuring that the final product is the best possible fit to fulfill the specific need.

Products can be customized on fatty acid profile, Omega-3 content, vitamin levels, or blends between different species, like Cod Liver Oil, Salmon Oil, Rainbow Trout, Anchovy/Sardine oils and it can also be fortified with Omega-3 concentrates, both as Ethylester and Triglycerides from different species.

Our continued commitment to product quality, sustainable sourcing and customer satisfaction, ensures that the right product is delivered to match the specified requirement, and that the relationship with our customer is a long and productive one.

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