Quality is a pride of workmanship
W. Edwards Deming


Quality is of the upmost importance for any company working with nutritional products. We are proud of our experience in processing fish oil, as well as our clean facilities.

Objective and Policies

The Quality System of Berg LipidTech shall contribute to ensure the quality of the product throughout the production process, and further encourage Berg LipidTech to continuously improve their processes to satisfy regulatory requirements as well as customer requirements, needs and expectations in a cost-effective manner.

Quality thinking shall permeate the culture of Berg LipidTech and characterize all our activities. All employees have a personal quality responsibility and it is vital that they have the understanding and commitment to ensure that Berg LipidTech’ s Quality System is always up-to-date and adhered to.

Principles of the Quality System

Berg LipidTech AS has adapted the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for all its operations, and thereby complies with the regulatory requirements set by the Norwegian Food Safety Authorities. Berg LipidTech’s registration# is: M-421.

Berg LipidTech strives to follow the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The GMP guidelines define precisely the various stages of production and the associated inspection system linked with them. The purpose of GMP is to ensure high quality and absolute safety of the products.

All manufacturing steps are monitored and approved according to the HACCP- and Sanitary Program consistently implemented and in accordance with the US-FDA’s HACCP regulation 21 CFR 123.

The Quality System ensures that the product complies with its specified requirements, and that it is manufactured in accordance with appropriate standards.

Quality Control

Berg LipidTech ensures that its products meet or exceed a number of strict quality parameters before they are released from our facility. All products are analyzed by our highly specialized and experienced team of analytical chemists.

Our quality control laboratory is fully equipped to use appropriate analytical techniques such as high-pressure liquid chromatography, UV photo spectrometer and gas chromatography. Berg LipidTech AS has for over 20 years acquired a unique knowledge and experience regarding processing and analysis of fish oil.